Report Water Abuse

There are several avenues you can pursue to report alleged water use abuse. Please use the following guidelines to make the process easier:

  • First, be sure water use abuse is actually occurring. Many times what may seem to be water use abuse may acutally have a very reasonable explanation. For instance, driving by a business with their water running in the daytime may indicate that workers are on the scene adjusting or fixing sprinkler heads, scheduling run times, or other maintenance issues.

  • Once you are sure water use abuse is occurring, please contact the water agency responsible for water in that area. Water agencies have the authority to enforce good watering practices.

  • Schools and universities usually fall under the jurisdiction of the local water agency, and not the state government.

Use this map to identify and report water abuse by businesses, organizations or individuals you see in you community.


Use the list of contacts to find the local representative to report the abuse to.

If you cannot find the agency responsible for water in the area of the water use abuse, please contact us at 801-538-7230.