Frequently Asked Questions

Water is complicated and involves the coordination of several state agencies as well as local water suppliers. We regularly receive inquiries and are happy to answer your questions or connect you with the right resource. We’ve collected a few of the most common questions and answers below. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please contact us at  801-538-7230 or email

Q. Where can I go to learn more about rebates? 
A. Visit Utah Water Savers. Statewide rebates are available for smart irrigation controllers and toilet replacement if the model uses more than 1.6 gallons per flush (usually pre-1994 models). Additional rebates may be available through your local water provider. 

Q. I need help applying for a rebate through Utah Water Savers. Who can I call? 
A. Call the Utah Division of Water Resources at 801-538-7230 or email

Q. I see a lot of water waste in my area. Where can I report it?
A. Water waste can be reported through the Report Water Waste form.

Q. Where can I go for waterwise landscaping ideas and plans?
A. Localscapes offers classes, plans and ideas for a yard specific to Utah’s unique climate. Conservation gardens throughout the state showcase waterwise landscapes. Find the Water Conservation Garden nearest you.

Q. Where can I go to choose waterwise plants? 
A. The Conservation Garden Park’s online plant finder is a great resource that includes a variety of beautiful, waterwise plants well suited to Utah’s climate. Find out how simple changes can result in significant water savings.  

Q. Where can I find out how to create and submit a Water Conservation Plan?
A. Details are available on the Water Conservation Plan webpage. You can also contact the Division of Water Resources at 801-538-7230 or email

Q. Can I collect and use precipitation, also known as “rain harvesting?” 
A. Senate Bill 32  provides for the collection and use of precipitation – also known as rainwater harvesting – without obtaining a water right after registering on the Division of Water Rights web page. There is no charge for registration. 

  • A person may collect and store precipitation without registering in no more than two covered storage containers if neither covered container has a maximum storage capacity of greater than 100 gallons.
  • The maximum allowed storage capacity with registration is 2,500 gallons. Collection and use are limited to the same parcel of land on which the water is captured and stored. 

For more information, contact Water Rights at 801-538-7240 or email

Q. What is the role of the Division of Water Resources?
A. The Division of Water Resources is tasked with planning, conserving, developing and protecting Utah’s water resources. The division is one of several state agencies involved in water management. For more information, visit

Q. Where can I get information on water rights? 
A. Visit the Division of Water Rights website or call 801-538-7240