Conservation Plan Resources

Utah’s water providers and suppliers are doing amazing work to efficiently use our most precious resources, water. Every five years, systems with over 500 connections are required to submit a water conservation plan to the Utah Division of Water Resources to comply with the Water Conservation Act. These plans contain existing and proposed water conservation measures that outline how the entity and the end culinary water user will conserve water and limit or reduce per capita consumption so that adequate water supplies are available for future needs and meet Regional Water Conservation Goals. The Division reviews these plans and provides assistance as systems work to improve water efficiency. Non-compliant water systems are ineligible for state loans or funding.

Follow these 3 Easy Steps for Water Conservation Plan Success:

Step 1

Use the Water Conservation Plan Checklist and Best Management Practices to meet all the requirements of the law. Submit a WCP DRAFT no later than July 15th to

Step 2

Conservation Coordinators will review the draft Water Conservation Plan.

  • If the requirements have been met, you will be notified the plan is approved to move forward to Step 3.
  • If the plan is incomplete, the plan will be returned with the necessary revisions outlined.

Step 3

Once the Water Conservation Plan has been approved and adopted, email a copy of the public notice, meeting minutes and adoption signatures certificate to no later than December 31st.

Water Conservation Plan Examples