Weekly Lawn Watering Guide

**Drought Alert**
Extreme drought watering guidelines have been in place this summer to help extend the water supply. As temperatures start to cool, some areas will need even less than the drought guidelines of 2 times per week in Northern Utah and 3 times a week in Southern Utah, so be sure to check the guide often. The goal during extreme drought conditions isn’t lush landscapes but rather “survival watering” to keep high-value plants alive like trees and shrubs. Grass is resilient and can survive with as little as 1″ of water a month. It won’t be green and will enter dormancy during times of drought and high temperatures but will recover when conditions improve. Thank you for doing your part to #SlowTheFlow!

Find more drought info at: Drought.utah.gov
Find drought tips at: SlowTheFlow.org

lawn watering guide

Unfortunately, extreme drought continues to plague the state. The “Extreme Drought Watering Guide” is taking the place of our regular Weekly Lawn Watering Guide (we hope temporarily) and focuses on “survival watering.” While extreme drought conditions exist, the guide will focus on minimal watering to keep grass alive

60% of residential water use is used for outdoor irrigation. Eliminating just one watering can save about 3,000 gallons for the average quarter-acre Utah yard with .17 acres of green space. Please look for ways to water efficiently and slow the flow.

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