Report Water Waste & Wins

Report Water Waste

Have you witnessed an incident of water waste and are unable to contact your water provider or don’t know where to report it? Utilize the form below and the information will be forwarded to the appropriate water provider who can address the waste.

*Contact information is not required and this form can be submitted anonymously.

This form is not meant for water emergencies.

In the event of an emergency, please contact your city or local water provider.

Report Water Wins

Have you witnessed some awesome waterwise practices in your community? Utilize the form below to report responsible water use by cities, businesses, government entities and residents who are going above and beyond to conserve Utah’s water supply.

Waterwise actions and creative water conservation are crucial in making it possible for Utah to maintain a resilient water supply.

We know there are many who are taking actions to contribute to this effort and we want to hear about it!